Monday, August 25, 2014 at 3:18PM

I have recently had a flurry of feedback from some of my clients from this year's wedding season. I have had some amazing clients and I have loved getting to know them all and helping them create a wedding day that expressed who they were as couples. I have been so touched by some of their words that I thought I would share some of them with you. Look at my Testimonials page for a wider selection of some lovely words from past clients.


"Dear Emily,

Above all, you made sure that the day ran smoothly and your tireless attention to detail in the preparations made sure that the caterers, bar staff, venue staff, ceildh band, cake lady and photographer all knew exactly what was expected of them and who to contact if they had a query.  You thought through and planned the day from start to finish.  

During the preparations, when we were talking to caterers and the venue you always prepared a list of questions for them to answer and made sure that afterwards everyone knew what had been agreed at the meeting.

You were always conscious of budget considerations and keen to make sure we got value for money from each service provider. 

Your calm, organised approach meant that we had plenty of time to tick each arrangement off the list in good time and that there was no last minute rush. 

Using your services meant that I had time and peace of mind before the wedding to enjoy adding the personal touches to place cards, orders of service and decorations.  On the day, it meant that I enjoyed myself and could focus on the bride, groom and the guests without worrying about timings or the setting up of the band or unexpected guests!  

In the months leading up to the wedding, when I was concerned about details, once we had spoken or emailed you were always able to help me sort out what to do next.

It was useful to talk to you about the usual format for printed invitations and orders of service and the printers you recommended for the orders of service, maps and readings were good quality and good value.  

Thank you for dealing with the flowers in the Cathedral.  This is not my area of expertise and I was so glad to have you to liaise with the flower ladies.  

Equally, on the day before the wedding, when the cake stand supplier let me down, I was heartily relieved to have you step into the breach and sort it out. I knew as soon as I saw that you were copied on the email that you would untangle the mix up and you did so, without me needing to be involved.     

I valued your creative input on how to decorate St Andrew’s Hall as it was such a big venue to take on.  You listened carefully to what we wanted and the mood boards you provided and our discussions helped to bring together your suggested theme of music.  From there and with a plethora of your suggestions and interpretations I was able to choose how we used the theme.  You were always very supportive and careful to make sure that we owned the day and felt at ease with the way the venue was decorated.  

You were professional at all times.  Your careful record keeping meant that we made good use of our time together and it was useful to meet on Facetime when we could not get together in person.  

Finally, you helped me to stay sane over the past year, you could charge more for this service!!"  


"[My Husband] and I want to thank you for all the hard work you did. It would have been so much easier if I had been in Norfolk and sometimes felt like the messages were being passed around from person to person but you were great with it all!

Emily is such a professional. She questioned us with the perfect amount of detail, not over the top but making us think about the finer points of the day before the rehearsal - such as who to hand the bridal bouquet to once I reached the top of the aisle! 
A very calm and professional force in the whole process.

She did loads of background research which resulted in so many beautiful and creative ideas that fitted in with our theme. At the same time we felt no pressure to do things her way. 

We would highly recommend Emily to anyone planning a wedding in Norfolk!"


"It has been a pleasure dealing with 'Your Norfolk Wedding' and we appreciate your helpfulness and flexibility. You are a star – thank you Emily, for helping us to organise our daughter's wedding. I'm sure we wouldn't have thought of half of the wonderful suggestions that you came up with! A truly professional approach to such a special and personal occasion ....thank you !"