Wedding Etiquette

Is the thought of wedding etiquette bringing you out in a cold sweat? The majority of the wedding etiquette we follow today has its roots in history. Did you know two of the major symbols of a traditional white wedding stem from Queen Victoria's own wedding back in the 19th century? At the time that Queen Victoria married Prince Albert coloured wedding dresses were the normal attire for ladies getting married. Victoria chose to wear a white wedding dress embellished with handcrafted lace. By choosing a white gown Queen Victoria started a new trend among the wealthy proletariat which has since become a tradition in the UK. It was during the Victorian era that the importance and use of sugar grew as it began being imported from the colonies in larger quantities. However, at this time white sugar was still only affordable to the wealthy. The white icing used on Queen Victoria's cake coined the term Royal Icing and was the first wedding cake to be iced with pure white icing, something that is very much a symbol of a wedding nowadays.

While there are probably elements of a 'traditional' wedding that most brides choose to include in their own special day, etiquette remains a more controversial subject. With weddings being a family affair there is the risk of offending a grandmother or aunt by not following a certain tradition or adhering to etiquette a which would have been considered mandatory when they themselves married. Couples have many more options open to them now and can pick how they personalise their day and how many acknowledgments they make to their family and cultural history. If you are fascinated by history and ancestry then consider a vintage theme for your wedding where you can easily include a plethora of traditions and wedding symbols. If you want a more subtle nod to the past or your families expectations for your day are not matching with yours then employing a skilled wedding planner could be your saviour. The diplomacy and unbiased approach of a planner can smooth out any of these niggles and mediate to find a solution to these obstacles. As a wedding planner is not emotionally involved they can offer support to all members of the wedding party and with their creativity can present solutions to remedy the rifts. With their bespoke planning service 'Your Norfolk Wedding' is ideally placed to help at such a time of indecision and stress. Contact us for more information on how we can help and to arrange a free initial consultation.