The legal bit......

I hear from so many of my clients that they have an idea of how they want their ceremony to go but for various reasons they end up having to compromise to accommodate the legalities, the restrictions of the venue, timings, dates etc. What few brides seem to realise is that you actually have a lot more flexibility now than ever before in terms of how you get married.  

The actual legal bit of a wedding is only 10% of the ceremony - giving you quite a bit of freedom for the remaining 90%!! But where do you start? Well, let me introduce The Ceremony People, a group of independent celebrants who will work with you to plan the ceremony you want to have! There is no getting away from the legal bit of the ceremony but have you considered having the legalities done separately from your wedding day, freeing up your wedding day to have complete flexibility over your vows, the readings, the timings and quite importantly WHERE you say your vows? 

The Ceremony People will personally design a ceremony around your wishes. Giving you freedom to have the ceremony the way you want it. There is also the scope to include Hand Fasting, a Candle Ceremony or Sand Blending into your ceremony to truly personalise it for you and your friends and family. The Ceremony People are also open to incorporating your pets into your ceremony!

If you are keen to find out more about the options for your wedding ceremony you can contact them via their website