The Tack Room

As a wedding planner one of the main questions I get asked is about contingency planning and what to do if the weather it bad well this new Norfolk hire company seems to have the answer......

White wedding golf umbrellas........ and white wedding parasols for if it is scorching hot! How lovely would these look in  your photos, no one would notice the rain and you wouldn't have any squinting spoiling your shots.

They also have a huge variety of other rustic decor items including a really unusual Photo Booth made of rustic ladders and a hay bale! Perfect for those countryside weddings so popular in Norfolk. 

With more and more couples having their ceremonies where they want them and how they want them The Tack Room has a variety of wedding arbors which they will soon be launching. With their delivery and collection service direct to your wedding (or event) venue they can really take the strain and stresses away.

To find out more visit their website: